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    26 4700C<br>ALIRA
    NEW 2022

    26 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    28 4700C<br>PROLIFEplus
    NEW 2022

    28 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    49 4700C<br>SEAWAVEplus
    NEW 2022

    49 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    50 4700C<br>DIADEM
    NEW 2022

    50 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    53 4700C<br>CONVEX
    NEW 2022

    53 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    68 4700C<br>CAPARplus
    NEW 2022

    68 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    69 4700C<br>ARINAplus
    NEW 2022

    69 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    88 4700C<br>FUSION
    NEW 2022

    88 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    32 4700C<br>COLOGNE
    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    32 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700-1C<br>EVEREST
    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700-1C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700-2C<br>EVEREST
    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700-2C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700C<br>EVEREST
    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter

    35 4700C

    Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter


      Detailed Specifications

      1⁄2"” Wall Elbow with Shower Holder 2-Function Handshower 3⁄8"” Connecting Hoses 3-Function Handshower 3-Hole Basin Mixer 3-Hole Kitchen Mixer 3/8"” Connecting Hoses 5-Hole Shower⁄Bath Mixer 25 mm Ceramic Cartridge 28 mm Ceramic Cartridge 34 mm Thermostat Cartridge 35 mm Ceramic Cartridge 35 mm Thermostat Cartridge with Diverter 40 mm Ceramic Cartridge 90º 180º 360º ABS ABS” Bath Spout Bath Spout with Diverter Brass Celling-Mounted Shower Arm Ceramic Cartridge Chrome Finish Digital control box Double-Handle Basin Mixer Double-Handle Bath Mixer Double-Handle Bidet Mixer Double-Handle Kitchen Mixer Double-Handle Shower Mixer Double-Handle Shower Mixer⁄Bath Mixer Fixed Shower Holder Floor-Standing Basin Mixer Floor-Standing Shower⁄Bath Mixer G1⁄2"” Female Thread G1⁄2"” Female Thread Outlet G1⁄2"” Inlets G1⁄2"” Outlets and Inlets G1⁄2"” S-Shaped Connections G1⁄2"” Wall Elbow with Shower Holder G1⁄2xG1⁄2 Flexible Hose G1⁄2“S-Shaped Connections G1⁄2” Inlet G1⁄2” Male Thread Outlet G1⁄2” Outlet and Inlet G1⁄2” Outlet and Inlet G1⁄2”S-Shaped Connection G1⁄2”S-Shaped Connections G1⁄2”x19 Ceramic Cartridge G1⁄2”x38.5 Ceramic Cartridge G1⁄2”x49 Ceramic Cartridge G1⁄2”x84 Ceramic Cartridge G1⁄2”x93 Ceramic Cartridge Grey Finish Handspray M16.5x1 Hidden Aerator M16.5x1 Male Thread Aerator M16.5x1x14 Hidden Aerator M18.5x1 Female Thread Aerator M18.5x1 Hidden Aerator M18.5x1 Male Thread Aerator M20x1 Automatic Diverter M20x1 Female Thread Aerator M22 Female Thread Aerator M22x1 Female Thread Aerator M22x1 Hidden Aerator M22x1 Male Thread Aerator M22x1.5 Automatic Diverter M22x1.5 Turned Diverter M22x1.5x12.5 Turned Diverter M22x1.5x49 mm Diverter M22x1.5x64 Automatic Diverter M24x1 Female Thread Aerator M24x1 Hidden Aerator M24x1 Hidden Larmina M24x1 Male Thread Aerator M24x1 Male Thread Larmina M24x1,5x64 mm Turned Diverter M24x1.5 Automatic Diverter M24x1.5 mm Automatic Diverter M24x1.5x64 Automatic Diverter M27.5x1.5x43 Turned Diverter M28x1 Male Thread Aerator M28x1 Male Thread Larmina M32x8 Hidden Aerator One Way Overhead Shower 8”" PVC PVC
      Painting Finish Pressed Diverter Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Mixer Rain-Shower Combination S-Shaped Connections Shower⁄Bath Combination Shower Combination Single-Function Handshower Single-Function Shower Head 6”" Single-Function Shower Head 10”" Single-Lever Basin Mixer Single-Lever Bidet Mixer Single-Lever Kitchen Mixer Single-Lever Kitchen Tap Single-Lever Rain-Shower Combination Single-Lever Shower⁄Bath Mixer Single-Lever Shower Mixer Single-Lever Sink Mixer Single Cold Basin Tap Sliding Wall Bar Sliding Wall Bar with Shower Set Stainless Steel⁄ABS” Swiveled Spout Thermostatic Rain-Shower Combination Thermostatic Shower⁄Bath Combination Thermostatic Shower⁄Bath Mixer Thermostatic Shower Mixer Three Way Three Ways Turned Diverter Two Ways Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer Wall-Mounted Mixer with Diverter Wall-Mounted Mixer without Diverter Wall-Mounted Shower⁄Bath Mixer Wall-Mounted Shower⁄Bath Mixer Valve Wall-Mounted Shower Arm Wall-Mounted Shower Elbow ø18x94 mm ø22x46 mm ø22x46 mm Turned Diverter ø22x66 mm ø22x88 mm ø22x88 mm Turned Diverter ø22x88mm ø27x51.2 mm ø28x72 mm Turned Diverter ø28x77 mm ø31.5x95.8 Turned Diverter ø31.5x117.5 mm ø33x27 mm ø33x57.5 mm ø34.5x54 mm ø34.5x105 Thermostat Cartridge

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